Copyright Compliance Checklists

In order to ensure compliance with Canada’s copyright law and the Fair Dealing Guidelines, it is important that both principals and teachers understand their responsibilities with respect to copyright. To help ensure compliance, use the checklists below.


  1. Review copyright and fair dealing with teachers and staff at least once a year.
  2. Post the Fair Dealing Guidelines and the poster prohibiting the copying of consumables near all school photocopiers, scanners, print stations, and other devices used to reproduce copyright-protected material.
  3. Provide teachers and staff with copies of the Fair Dealing Guidelines and Copyright Matters!
  4. Seek school-board or ministry guidance when it is not clear whether copyright permission is required.


  1. Set an example of respect for copyright for your students.
  2. Know and respect the fair dealing limits described in the Fair Dealing Guidelines.
  3. Know your rights and obligations under copyright law. (Have a working knowledge of the users’ rights described in Copyright Matters!)
  4. Know the procedure for seeking copyright advice and obtaining permission.

Download a copy of the compliance checklists here